The Cristal fitting is a complete package of accessories pre-installed on the roof window, applicable on all models of monoblock windows for giving the ultimate in convenience and comfort.

Luxin supplies the selected window with all accessories pre-installed and pre-wired and thus ready for easy installation.

The Cristal fittings are either electric (controlled by electric current) or solar (controlled by the energy of the sun with a photovoltaic panel) and in turn are supplied with different accessories: Full – Light – Easy.

The electric Cristal fitting comes with a single cable to be connected directly to the current allowing it to feed the integrated internal control unit.

The Cristal solar kit is supplied with photovoltaic panel and does not require any connection to the power supply.

All Cristal fittings are ready to use after installation of the window.

Cristal is the right choice for enjoying the loft with all the comfort that the roof window can provide.



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