Luxin srl is a young and modern company with in-house experience of over 20 years in the loft windows and skylightssector. Reliability, technology and constant search with a balanced quality-price ratio have given Luxin an excellent reputation throughout Italy and Europe. Our flexible and fast production, many standard sizes (24), many sizes in semi-standard combinations (76 price list sizes) and made to measure capacity to offer many sizes on request, enhancing the product with various aesthetic solutions, ensure the success of any proposed solution. Starting from the needs and priorities of the customer, Luxin modulates colours and finishes combining them with suitable openings, in order to ensure a harmonious relationship over time between the product and the home environment, thus making the window not only useful but also an item of furnishing. All Luxin products carry the EC Marking certifying compliance with UNI EN 14351 provisions of the European Directive on consumer guarantees.

Luxin srl

Through professionals selected in each area, Luxin srl operates in all Italian provinces, establishing immediate company-customer contact: with their all-round expertise, they follow all customer needs step by step. Luxin user couriers that can provide direct delivery where required, ensuring maximum effectiveness and timeliness.

Luxin srl was founded to serve and "pamper" the customer by executing every request.

luxin srl
luxin srl


1 - Luxin windows and skylights are the right product that can satisfy every need for the attic; the functionality and simplicity of the products offered make them adaptable for any situation.

2 - The products are manufactured with the highest care and professionalism and the materials used are always of top quality.

Nordic spruce wood is seasoned and treated with anti-mould and anti-insect agents and water-based paint for longer lasting protection.

3 - External coatings can be aluminium or copper with monoblock flashings pre-assembled in-house, thus ensuring optimal compactness of the product and minimising the risk of incorrect installation.

4 - Luxin assembles, wires and pre-installs any accessories in-house, sending the ordered material in a single, compact and protected package.

5 - The installation of Luxin products is simple and easy to perform. Using company instructions and installation instructions, installation can also be performed by unskilled persons.

Fast and easy installation means a considerable saving of time and costs for the final customer.



6 - Luxin windows and skylights are designed and manufactured for Italian roofs and the handle positioned in the lower part enables correct opening and closing.


7 - Luxin is the Italian company with most sizes available on the price list, containing 76 models of which 24 are standard, and no limit to sizes on request.


8 - There is a huge variety of types of windows and skylights, from which you can choose those with pivoted openings for ease of cleaning, outward compass opening, double compass-pivoted opening, off-centre pivot, folding model for easy access to the roof, and full flap with release.


9 - The installable windows are insulated with double glazing and according to needs you can choose from hail resistant windows and low heat and noise emission double-glazed windows with very high insulation; those who wish greater privacy can opt for opaque glazing.


10 - CRISTAL fittings are the ultimate in comfort; the window is delivered with all accessories pre-installed and wired in-house with a single cable to be connected to the power supply.

For those not wishing to use electrical connections, the CRISTAL SOLAR KIT with integrated photovoltaic panel is available.

READY TO CONNECT AND GO…..1 remote control for 30 windows and 90 accessories….!!!



11 – 12 – 13 – 14 …… etc. ….. LUXIN – seeing is believing!!!!

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