The Luxin manual internal pleated filter blind is ideal for those who live the room lit during daytime.

The pleated filter fabric is a technical fabric that allows light to enter and spread, creating half-light. Through the handle bar and the clutch mechanism the blind can stop at will where you want, creating the right atmosphere of the moment.

The filter fabric is ideal for studies and bathrooms where it is not necessary to have total darkness.

The pleated fabric adds a touch of elegance to the environment.

Manual internal pleated blind


pleated filter symbol
pleated fabric

Filter fabric for ensuring half-light and filtering of light inside the room. The inner and outer parts are coloured, furnishing the room and allowing light to pass partially thus obtaining an ideal filtering for living the interior environment.


filter fabric colour

There is only 1 colour available for the filter fabric of the manual internal pleated blind: CREAM.


Pleated blind structure and guides

The manual internal pleated blind is equipped with an aluminium structure with roller covers and lateral guides that permit linear sliding of the fabric along its entire movement.

The standard colour of the aluminium structure of the manual blind is silver; white coloured aluminium is also available on request.



The manual internal blind can be stopped in all positions desired.

It is fitted with wires in tension concealed behind the guides that enable friction to block it where desired, making it possible to regulate the light entering the home. The blind stops where you want, reaching complete closure or maximum rolling up.

When the window is positioned at a low position which is reached manually, just raise or lower the blind by means of the handle bar located at the end of the fabric.


If it is impossible to reach manually, a pin can be inserted in the handle bar and the blind manoeuvred using a specific remote pole with eyelet.


(NB sizes = base x height x width)

internal blind measurements

Manual internal blinds should be placed and installed in the glass compartment of the window.

To order blinds, it is necessary to refer to the size of the window (e.g. 78x98) and the model (e.g. mod. C), then Luxin will supply the appropriate blind with precise measurements of the glass compartment on the interior of the sash (e.g. 61.8 x 81.8).

This type of blind is made to measure; just inform Luxin of the measurements of the glass compartment (B base x H height x W width), taking into account that the minimum width required for the roller housing is 4 cm.

made to measure


installation and compatibility

Manual internal pleated blinds can be pre-installed in-house and arrive already inserted inside the window.

In the event that you wish to instal the manual pleated blind after installation of the window, this is possible by consulting the installation instructions which can be downloaded from the site; it is a simple operation that is easy to perform.

Manual internal pleated blinds that stop in all positions can be installed in and are compatible with window models:

B - C - BC - XL

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