ring pole

By using a pole with tip eyelet, you can reach the handle and release it, thus opening the window. When you want to close it, engage the handle, turn it and put it back in the closed position, giving it a secured closure.

A simple and inexpensive solution offered by Luxin that combines interesting possibilities of opening different types of manual blinds.



The pole with eyelet is used when the window is at great height and, in the absence of power supply, you want to open and close the fixture.

Poles with eyelets can be of different lengths based on the height of the window position.

The available lengths are:

100 cm - 150 cm - 200 cm - 250 cm


pole with eyelet

The main use of the pole with eyelet is for remote manoeuvring of the opening and closing of a very high window where it cannot be reached manually and there is no power supply.

By turning the handle, the window opens and pushing upwards you can regulate the desired opening.

asta occhiello

Another very important use is that of also manoeuvring blinds installed in windows through the special PVC blind block that has to be inserted in the handle bar of the blind.

Once the PVC block is hooked, you can manoeuvre by pushing the internal manual blind up and down at will, stopping where you want to adjust the light entering the home.


Installation poles with eyelet

To see how to use the pole with eyelet, you can download the user manual from the site; it is a simple and easy to perform operation.

The pole with eyelet can be used to remotely open and close windows and skylight models:

B - C - BC - XL - BP - SFERA - L

The pole with eyelet can manoeuvre manual blinds installed in window models:

B - C - BC - XL - SFERA

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