The Luxin combined blind with silver guides is for those who want the good life, total darkness is ensured by the blackout fabric and half-light by the filter fabric. The utmost in well-being and aesthetics, flanked by utility. Through the handle bar and the clutch mechanism the blind can stop at will where you want, creating the right atmosphere of the moment. The exterior of the blackout fabric is reflective and the interior coloured, while the filter fabric is a technical fabric that diffuses light by filtering it with allowing discolouring of furniture or floors. With the Luxin combined blind you get the appropriate combinations for always having the right light at all times of the day.

manual combined internal blind


blackout symbol

Blackout fabric for ensuring total darkness inside the room.

The inner part is coloured thus furnishing the room, while the outer part has a reflective film which does not allow light to pass thus obtaining total darkness.

type of blackout fabric
filter symbol

Filter fabric for ensuring half-light and filtering of light inside the room. The inner and outer parts are coloured, furnishing the room and allowing light to pass partially thus obtaining an ideal filtering for living the interior environment.

type of filter fabric


There are 9 colours of blackout fabric available for manual combined internal blinds.

The CREAM and WHITE colours are standard while the other special colours are available on request.

blackout fabric colour

There are 7 colours of filter fabric available for combined internal blinds.

The CREAM and WHITE colours are standard while the other special colours are available on request.

filter fabric colour



The manual combined internal blind is equipped with an aluminium structure with roller covers and lateral guides that permit linear sliding of the fabric along its entire movement.

The aluminium structure of the manual combined blind is silver as standard, and white aluminium is also available on request.


combined blind manoeuvrability

Using the 2 bar handles located at the end of the fabrics, the blind can be manually manoeuvred at will.

The blackout fabric is manoeuvred with the upper handle bar and the filter fabric with the lower handle bar.

The manual combined internal blind can be stopped in all positions desired.

The blind stop wherever desired up to total closure or maximum rolling up.

combined blind movement

La tenda interna manuale PER LUCERNARI può essere manovrata solo ed esclusivamente manualmente tramite la barra maniglia posta alla fine del telo.

If the fabric rolled up in the roller positioned at the bottom is raised completely, you obtain filtering of the light to enjoy the room during the day thanks to the filter fabric.


Through a magnet placed in the ends of the handle bars, the fabrics remain united and can slide together along the guides, regulating the light that you want to enter the home.

It is fitted with wires under tension concealed behind the guides which create friction that block it where you want.

If you want to gaze at the sky without obstacles, just release the magnet of the handle bars and store the fabrics by rolling them up in their rollers.


(NB sizes = base x height x width)

internal blind measurements

Manual internal blinds should be placed and installed in the glass compartment of the window.

To order blinds, it is necessary to refer to the size of the window (e.g. 78x98) and the model (e.g. mod. C), then Luxin will supply the appropriate blind with precise measurements of the glass compartment on the interior of the sash (e.g. 61.8 x 81.8).

This type of blind is made to measure; just inform Luxin of the measurements of the glass compartment (B base x H height x W width), taking into account that the minimum width required for the roller housing is 4 cm.

made to measure



Manual combined internal blinds can be pre-installed in-house and arrive already inserted inside the window.

In the event that you wish to instal the manual combined blind after installation of the window, this is possible by consulting the installation instructions which can be downloaded from the site; it is a simple operation that is easy to perform.

Manual combined internal blinds that stop in all positions can be installed in and are compatible with window models:

B - C - BC - XL - SFERA

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