The Kato Tris 220V chain electric opening control is the ideal and most comfortable solution for those who besides wanting remote control of window opening also want to use the same remote control for accessories such as shutters, internal electric blinds and rain sensors inserted inserted in the fixture. 

Just connect directly to the power supply and using a multifunction remote control you can control both the opening and closing of the fixture and of any installed accessories, blocking them at will where you want without additional control units. 

Opening of the window is controlled by one button, opening of the roller shutter with another, etc. ... a quick and easy way to have everything under control. 

The maximum opening is 40 cm with limit stop already programmed. 

You can adjust the maximum opening by 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 cm for those who have internal or external obstacles that impede movement of the window sash. 

Simple to install at a later time, can also be supplied already pre-assembled in-house.

For those who want to combine a rain detector, it must be connected directly to the control in the window.

With Kato Tris 220V, you control all openings and closures where you want and whenever you want ... the window is in your hands.

Inserted in place of the handle, including a control unit which can also control an internal 24V electric blind, 220V electric shutter and rain sensor.



Kato Tris is the ultimate in the Kato family. Same body with evolved intelligence, all incorporated. Fitted with multiple control unit and integrated radio receiver with its own frequency in the actuator body.

By using the PIK remote control with rolling code technology, all accessories installed on the window can be controlled.

The coupling to the rain detector enables the automatic closure via wire of the fixture in case of rain, without the use of additional control units.

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collegamento Kato tris 220V


The Katio Tris electric opening control requires no control units or power packs and is connected directly to the power supply via a single cable.

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After having connected the Kato Tris control to the power supply, opening and closing of the window can be controlled by the remote control supplied.



The Kato Tris control can be connected directly to the power supply and be controlled by an up-down wall-mounted button.

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The Kato Tris control is designed and ready to receive the rain sensor directly without needing additional external control units.

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The Kato Tris has the possibility of internally connecting the external 220V electric shutter.

No external control units required, just connect the cable of the shutter in the appropriate space inside the Kato Tris to also control this accessory indistinctly using the same remote control.

NB. If you wish to insert the external electric blind this can be done in place of the external shutter.

tenda interna elettrica


For internal use, the Kato Tris has a transformer in order to receive and connect an internal 24V electric blind.

No additional control units, transformers or power packs are required. Simply connect the cable of the electric blind in the appropriate space inside the Kato Tris to also control this accessory indistinctly using the same remote control.


An electric insect screen can be installed in the window by connecting it to the Kato Tris, excluding the internal electric blind.

For those who want both the internal electric blind and the internal electric insect screen, request the 24V Kato Tris Plus model for 2 accessories (in this case, the shutter cannot be connected).

regolazione fine corsa

The limit stop of the Kato Tris control is already programmed and you can adjust the maximum openings of the chain by means of two buttons on top of the motor.

Inside a slit there are two white buttons which, depending on how they are moved (both upwards, one upwards and one downwards, etc.) will regulate the maximum openings of the window.

There are 4 maximum openings of the limit stop available

1 - cm 10

2 - cm 20

3 - cm 30

4 - cm 40

nekos kato accessori

The KATO Tris model control is fixed to the window bin by 2 lateral brackets which are screwed directly into the wood.

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In place of the handle, a plate is applied that is intended to block the terminal part of the chain making the window stable, even with the sash open.

lingetta per sblocco catena

In the terminal part of the chain, a cylindrical pin is applied with a tab which enables securing of the sash.

This tab also has the function of being able to easily disengage the chain from the sash, thus making it possible to manoeuvre the sash manually for cleaning of the external glass or for access to the cover.

This quick release is simple to unblock, and just as easy to reconnect.



Depending on the size and model of window you can apply a motor cover box to make it retractable.

This solution makes the motorised window aesthetically more pleasing by making it appear to be one single body.



The Kato Tris electric opening control can be pre-installed in-house and delivered inside it.

For those wishing to install the Kato control after installation of the window, this can be done easily and quickly.

Using the installation instructions that can be downloaded from the www.luxinsrl.it site, you can instal this accessory when you wish.

The Kato Tris electric opening control can be installed in and is compatible with window and skylight models:

B - C - BC - XL - BP - SFERA - LUNA - SIRIO - L

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