With a wide range of accessories, Luxin srl is able to pre-install in-house all that the customer needs for all models of windows and skylights, offering a finished product that is ready for installation. To better enjoy the loft, embellishing with a touch of colour and design of the window, thousand of interior solutions can be found, with blinds of all types and functions.

Those wanting to sleep and not be disturbed by light should not hesitate to install a blind with blackout fabric; the person studying who is bothered by the reflection of the sun but needs light can find the ideal solution in a filter fabric; for those living in the same room day and night, here is the combined solution; and so on ...

Many solutions for giving comfort and furnishing your home. To protect and shield the window and skylight, Luxin recommends an external cover that both filters and darkens. External protection solves various problems; it forms an additional chamber that isolates the glass, protecting it from direct radiation of the sun's rays. Besides filtering or providing blackout, externally protecting the fixture greatly limits the presence of internal condensation. The external accessory does not obstruct opening and closing of the window; lowered completely with the window open allows the air to circulate, illuminating gradually without heating the outer glass. For those who want to inhabit the loft in maximum comfort.

For those who live in high environments and the window is not manually accessible or for those who want the convenience of electric opening without needing to reach the window, Luxin offers accessories suitable for manual, mechanical and electrical opening and closing of windows. Poles allow you to reach the handle manually, while mechanical devices allow you to adjust opening and closing, keeping the window blocked and secure. With electric controls instead of the handle, you can choose the best solution for your needs, control the window with wall-mounted button, or with a remote control or combine the remote control with control units, etc. ... there are no limitations. Via control units and sensors, Luxin srl manages to create the appropriate system for the needs of the home. Those who want to close the windows in case of rain because they have carelessly left them open; those who live in a very windy area and do not want to risk damaging the fixture; those who want to control several windows with one remote control, etc. ...

The solutions are endless, and with Luxin's control units it is possible to connect several accessories, amortising the cost of a multiple electrical system. Luxin finds the most economical and functional solution for the customer.

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